3D Env.

The Mansion Room 
Silent nights: The pianist 2011

Casual game edited by Big Fish Games

Some close shots:

XSI, Photoshop

N.Y. 5th. Av. buildings for DIGIC PICTURES Ltd.

Max, Blender

Fiona Finch and the finest flowers 2009
Casual game edited by Big Fish Games

Growing flowers... Click on the pic.! 

Here another one!... Click! 

And here!!... Click! 

 There!.. Click!

Everywhere!! Click!

It's crazy!! Click again!...
XSI and Photoshop for 1morebee Ltd.

Some ingame elements  for the background.

And this is an ingame picture.

TOWER KEEPER (working title) 2011

An aztec pyramid, 3 levels of strength-MOST WANTED Ltd.
MAX, Photoshop

Ramses II tomb, for Slitscan Ltd.

Here, the biggest fun was the texture. 
Silo, Photoshop

The background of the background (project for Slitscan Ltd.)
Those pictures are just a presentation of my work, not the render that appeared in the trailer

 Silo, Photoshop, and a little XSI and a very little Zbrush

The Greek room

WIP (or RIP?). not finished, and never will be
XSI, Vray render in Max, Photoshop 2009

Outsourcing for Climax Ltd. (GB)

3D Max, Zbrush and Photoshop, for the Unreal engine

Buildings in Rush for Berlin and Codename panzers

 A house of Alsace wreckable (about 30 parts), outside-inside
3D Max and Photoshop

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